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Vienna House as seen from Stainsbury Avenue (Courtesy PUBLIC Architecture + Communication)

A First Look at Vienna House

PUBLIC Architecture + Communication recently filed a rezoning application that formally proposes Vienna House. Here’s a sneak peek of what it might look like.

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A worker installs an on-site-constructed floor at the 50 Electronic Avenue project, a 350+ unit mixed-use development by Panatch Group, being built by Kindred in Port Moody, British Columbia

Double-Checking the Numbers Before Picking Up the Hammers

Kindred Construction is presently elbows-deep in Vienna House budgeting sheets. Assuming the design pencils out, and following a favourable rezoning application, their team will put it all together. 

Are the sounds of the city music to your ears?

Psychoacoustics… Qu’est-ce que c’est?

The Vienna House team is working to ensure the project’s residents will enjoy the highest possible quality of life. Among other things, that means paying careful attention to what they hear—and what they don’t.

Prefab’s Plentiful Possibilities

Parts of the Vienna House project will be built on-site in East Vancouver—but other sections will come together elsewhere. Here, modular and offsite construction experts outline some of the options.

“Quite a Legacy”

The University of British Columbia’s director of Urban Innovation Research looks forward to studying a real-world project that addresses current issues.