A proposed East Vancouver housing community aims to advance innovative solutions to affordability, climate change, and social equity.

Vienna House is a partnership between BC Housing, the City of Vancouver through the Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency, and the More Than a Roof Housing Society. Each will bring its own expertise, experience, and resources to the project.
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As proposed, Vienna House would be a six storey, 101-unit dedicated rental housing community close to Trout Lake in Vancouver’s Kensington – Cedar Cottage neighbourhood.

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News & Updates

  • Double-Checking the Numbers Before Picking Up the Hammers
    Kindred Construction is presently elbows-deep in Vienna House budgeting sheets. Assuming the design pencils out, and following a favourable rezoning application, their team will put it all together. 
  • Psychoacoustics… Qu’est-ce que c’est?
    The Vienna House team is working to ensure the project’s residents will enjoy the highest possible quality of life. Among other things, that means paying careful attention to what they hear—and what they don’t.
  • Prefab’s Plentiful Possibilities
    Parts of the Vienna House project will be built on-site in East Vancouver—but other sections will come together elsewhere. Here, modular and offsite construction experts outline some of the options.
  • Planning For the End Before the Beginning
    The LightHouse Sustainability Society recently produced a pair of studies that focus on “design for disassembly” and construction waste diversion. Spoiler: There’s not nearly enough of either.